El próximo camino.

I’m off on another Camino! 

My original plan, when I impulsively bought the plane ticket back in Feburary, was to do the Camino de Girona and the Camino Catalán from El Port de Selva on the coast of Girona to San Juan de la Peña, where it connects with the Camino Aragonés, which I did last fall. 

However, the lack of affordable lodging along these Caminos meant that I had to change my mind. I thought about doing bits and pieces and busing some of it, then doing the Camino Vasco del Interior, but it felt like I wouldn’t get enough walking time.

The Camino Mozárabe had been on my radar too, and I started feeling it calling me more and more. Originally, I thought I might have problems with finding places to stay, as part of my Camino coincides with el Puente de Mayo, but I found a way to make it work.

My plans are to fly to Barcelona on the 17th, spend a couple of days before catching a bus to Valencia, where I’ll rent a car and drive down to Almería, stopping in a few places in Murcia I haven’t been to (Cartegena, Lorca) along the way. 

On the 24th, I’ll be setting off, although it’ll be a shorter day, and I’ll be catching the bus back to Almería that night since there’s only albergues in Rioja. Due to being at high-risk with Covid and my own social anxiety issues, I’d rather pay a little bit more and have my own room. People can think less of me or whatever, but peace of mind is well worth it.

I scheduled a rest day in Guadix, and I’ll have to bus from Granada to Moclín due to lots of road walking and less affordable lodging, but it means I’ll be able to end the Camino on Baena. In the future, I hope to do the Camino Mozárabe from Málaga to Mérida, and the two Mozárabes merge in Baena.

After that, I’ll catch a train from Córdoba to Zaragoza to Barcelona, and I’ll spend a week in Corfu, which will include day trips to Albania (half hour ferry ride away), Paxos and…METEORA…before heading back to Barcelona and then back to the US.