Camino Cancelado

I don’t have the mental energy to do a bilingual entry right now, and barely have the mental energy to do it in English. Perdonad.

Something has felt off about this Camino and trip ever since I bought it.

I arrived to O’Hare yesterday with the recommended three hours to spare, made it through security and stuff, and did a few laps around Terminal 5 to get my steps in for the day.

My flight with Aer Lingus with a connection in Dublin was scheduled for 15:50, so around 14:50 I made sure I was in the gate area.



About a half hour after the scheduled boarding time, they said there was a delay for mechanical issues.

Uh oh.

New flight time was 17:50. I was confident they’d rebook my connecting flight and found a nice secluded area to watch movies and read.

They had said to be back by 17:15, so I was.

About 17:50 they made an announcement that they flight had been further delayed. I went back to my secluded area, then about 18:45 went back for the vouchers which weren’t enough to buy more than a Pepsi or Coca Cola or something…didn’t even get to use them.

At 19:30, they finally said what we all knew, that the flight was cancelled.


It took an hour for them to put the luggage on the luggage return.

Then another two hours waiting for vouchers for the hotel which they ran out of, so I had to book my own hotel which I am supposed to be reimbursed for.

I had been asking for a sign from the universe if I should go on this Camino or not. A cancelled flight (and the rebooked flight was a nightmare flight with companies that make RyanAir look downright POSH) is a pretty big sign.

Feeling so disappointed and like a let down right now.

Also, this is why I get everything refundable.

Going to see what’s up for this autumn for Caminos…sigh.


5 thoughts on “Camino Cancelado

    • I’ve flown Aer Lingus before without any incident (Bilbao-Dublin, and then Barcelona-Dublin-Chicago)…the Dublin airport is having all sorts of issues right now, but that doesn’t make being stuck on the runway for four hours excusable.

      Ah well, they’re refunding me so I can book with a different airline that does allow TSA PreCheck 😉 The fact they don’t should have been a major warning, lol.

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