Another Camino?

In February, I impulsively purchased a ticket to Spain to do the Camino Catalán before adequately researching it. My plan was to do the Camino de Girona, from the coast at El Port de Selva, through Figueras, Girona and Manresa to Montserrat, where the Camino Catalán begins, and then take the variant that ends at San Juan de la Peña.

As I began to plan, I saw how few affordable accommodations there were, and many of them were already outrageously priced as part of my Camino would coincide with the Puente de Mayo bank holiday in Spain.

So I decided to explore the idea of the Mozárabe and the Olvidado. (I basically want to do all the Caminos), settling on the Mozárabe from Almería to almost Córdoba.

I am a bit anxious about it and am thinking about cancelling the whole thing. Why?

I’m worried about running into impossibly high temperatures in Andalucía over the last week in April and first week of May.

As I need to book private rooms, due to a need to avoid Covid (I’m at high risk for Long Covid, despite being vaccinated. I still mask everywhere). There’s a couple of etapas where that may not be possible, but I can bus to a place where there is accommodation I think. 

I still worry about Covid though seeing as how Spain has now done away with the mask mandate on public transport. (I feel like I’m the only one on the planet who worries about a disease that has such potential to destroy lives.)

Cancelling would also save money. But who knows when I’d be able to do another Camino?

As I’m flying Aer Lingus, which for some reason, doesn’t allow TSA PreCheck, I will also have to face the security of Chicago O’Hare. 

Maybe I’m just overthinking things.

Post Camino, before a return to the US, I have a week in Corfu which will allow me a day trip (long day trip) to Meteora and another to Albania.

Am I making a mistake? Should I go for it? 


5 thoughts on “Another Camino?

  1. I could be in the minority here, but I think only you can make this decision. It sounds amazing. If you think you’ll be anxious the entire time, then maybe you put it off. If you think you’ll be able to relax and get the most out of the experience, then stick to your plan. You’ll figure it out. Good luck. Of course, keep in mind, camino is still a distant goal of mine. One day hopefully.

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    • Thanks! I don’t think you’re in the minority at all. I’m just worried I’m making a mistake :-/ I hope you get to go on the Camino someday. It’s an incredible experience 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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    • I appreciate the response! 😀

      It’s answering the “if” question. I keep going back and forth…I can get a voucher for the next flight if I cancel by Monday, and Hamlet is more decisive than I am 🙂

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  2. I’m inclined to agree with the above answers. I trust that you’ll think this through carefully, and make an appropriate decision. If you decide to postpone, don’t worry about not having opportunities to do this in the future. There will be opportunities again.

    But as others have said, the call is yours, and trust your decision-making powers.



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