Gauging interest

I have been going back and forth whether I should write up my recent experiences on the Caminos Aragonés and de Invierno. With the way blogs are dying, before putting in all the time and effort…is it worth it? Is there actual interest in reading about my life and continuing with this blog?

He estado pensando si vale la pena escribir sobre mis experiencias en los Caminos Aragonés y de Invierno. Cada vez más hay menos interés en los blogs. Antes de hacer el esfuerzo de hacerlo…¿merece la pena? ¿Hay interés de verdad en leer sobre mi vida y seguir con este blog?

6 thoughts on “Gauging interest

  1. I would read it, and perhaps more importantly, I think it’s good to write it for your own personal archive of the event. It’s a bonus that others get to read it too, of course.


  2. I am interested in your experiences on the Caminos, particularly since those routes don’t have the millions of blog posts that the Camino Frances does! I also understand your quandary and I have struggled with it myself – Do other people really get “enough” value to warrant my effort, or is it totally self-indulgent? Well, it is a very harmless self-indulgence, nobody is forced to read, and there ARE some people who truly want to read it! So I guess it boils down to the question of how much joy/satisfaction vs burden the process brings to YOU.

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    • You definitely nailed how I feel and put it into better words than I could…I have my personal travel journal, and my blog entries differ from that (I might edit out how a certain group of pilgrims got on my nerves, for example, or how I freaking got heat stroke, from a blog entry, but it’s in my personal stuff)…there is also that pesky “block editing” WordPress has now. I was chatting with a friend about where else I could go, and there isn’t much out there since blogging is a dying art form.

      For the records, even if I “like” more than comment, I definitely appreciate your blog and enjoy reading it when you update it. 🙂


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