Camino in Covid?

I am currently eyeing a Camino this autumn. Estoy pensando en hacer un Camino este otoño.

The Camino Aragonés begins at the French-Spanish border, in Somport, and ends at Puente de la Reina on the Camino Francés. The Pyrenees are beautiful at this time of year. El Camino aragonés empieza en la frontera entre Francia y España, en Somport, y termina en Puente de la Reina en el Camino Francés. El Pirineo es precioso en el otoño.

However, I have some concerns about a Camino during times of Covid. No obstante, tengo algunas dudas sobre hacer un Camino durante la pandemia de Covid.

I am triple vaxxed and continue to mask in public. Unless it was asymptomatic, I have not yet had Covid (knocking on wood). I have already decided I would be staying in pensiones and not albergues to have my own private room. I will also be wearing a N95 on the plane. Me he puesto las tres vacunas, y sigo llevando una mascarilla KN95 en público. Todavía no he tenido Covid (tocando madera), aunque pueda ser que lo tenía pero no tenía simptomias. Ya he decidido que voy a alojarme en las pensiones y no en los albergues para tener una habitación privada. También voy a llevar un N95 en el avión.

Still, I’m somewhat worried about eating in restaurants (with any luck, it’ll still be nice enough to sit on terrazas). My morning café con leche y tostada con tomate. Sin embargo, me preocupo de comer dentro de los restaurantes (con un poco de suerte, todavía habrá buen tiempo para poder comer en las terrazas). Estoy pensando ya en desayunar café con leche y tostada con tomate.

I’m also wondering–should I do a trip to Maccu Picchu instead? I would definitely do a guided hike to get a full Andes experience, and there is no time like the present. También estoy pensando si debería hacer un viaje a Macho Picchu en lugar a España? Me gustaría hacer una ruta guiada durante unos dies para poder experimentar más de los Andes, y no hay tiempo como el presente…

I am currently taking some time off to deal with the grief of my mom’s death last year and the death of my academic career, and Spain is calling my name–probably for a move back as things are no longer safe in the US unless you are a straight, white, cisgender Christian male. I may be white and cisgender, but I am gay, I am neurodivergent, and I am a Spanish speaking intellectual who has never voted for a Republican in his life. Ahora mismo estoy tomando un descanso para curarme de la pena de la muerte de mi madre el año pasado y la muerte de mi carrera como catadrático…España está llamándome–y problamente para un traslado, como no está seguro vivir en los EE.UU. si no eres un varón cristiano, cisgenéro, blanco y hetero. Sí, soy blanco y cisgenéro, pero soy gay, neurodivergente, y soy un hispanohablante quien nunca ha votado a un republicando en su vida…

I’m not sure how it’ll happen, but with any luck I’ll be moving back to Spain in 2023 and eventually find work as a translator. Until then…No sé como va a pasar, pero con un poco de suerte, voy a trasladarme a España de nuevo en 2023 y buscar empleo como un traductor…hasta entonces…

If anyone has any experiences/thoughts on doing the Camino during Covid and how to keep safe, please comment!

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7 thoughts on “Camino in Covid?

  1. Sounds fantastic to walk the Camino. Nancy Klein is a blogger who hiked the Portuguese part of the Camino in May. When I searched the wordpress feed for Camino de Santiago I got a lot of hits! Moving to Spain sounds great. This latest ruling is truly scary.

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  2. I don’t imagine that a guided trek to Machu Picchu would be safer than a Camino in Spain, in terms of Covid. I think you would have more control over your immediate environment in Spain. I have just walked the Camino de Invierno and was not particularly worried, but it would certainly have been an inconvenience to get sick. Covid hasn’t gone away, but fortunately it seems to have changed. Best wishes!

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    • Thanks for stopping! I was hoping someone who had done the Camino would see this 🙂

      Maccu Picchu isn’t because I think Perú would be any better with Covid (it’s probably worse than Spain) and more because it’s a place I wanted to go to and haven’t been to, but you’re 100% right that the Camino would be safer.

      I really enjoyed reading about your Camino Invierno by the way! And jealous 🙂

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  3. I just returned from Spain and walked the Camino Ingles. We wore KN95 on the flights over, and took private taxis to/from the airport instead of public transport. We also booked private rooms each night and took most of our meals outside.

    Machu Picchu would be a great trip as well. Go with Alpaca Expeditions if you pick Peru. They’re a top notch organization. The Inca Trail is supposed to be a fantastic hike, but if permits are already sold out, you can do the Salkantay Trek like I did. Great views and beautiful scenery on the way to MP.

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    • I’ve been following your blog entries and have been living vicariously through your Camino Inglés, so thanks for sharing and thanks for the info! I’m okay with public transport in Spain, but as I got sick every Camino from the albergues pre-Covid, I definitely want the private rooms. October should be a good time to still be able to eat on the terrazas so…

      I was debating Machu Picchu at Christmas last year (glad I didn’t with the Omicron wave) and was reading your blog entries about them and will definitely go with Alpaca whenever you go. Definitely more interested in Salkantay than Inca though…but I think I’m leaning toward the Camino Aragonés this year (and maybe Catalán to the Aragonés.)

      Thanks for the input 🙂


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