The 40th season begins…

Interviewer: ¡Hola! It’s been a while, but we did want to congratulate you on your 40th season!

Setmeravelles: Thank you, gracias, gràcies, graças, eskerrik asko, obrigado.

Interviewer: I know you’re busy, so I’ll keep this short. Congrats again on making it to 40 seasons!

Setmeravelles: Thanks again.

Interviewer: Season 39 was incredibly rough with your mother passing and you mistakenly accepting a Ph.D offer from a place that has a good department that you like but is in the worst place you have ever lived.

Setmeravelles: Yeah, I’m trying to forget pretty much this whole entire year. Can I Eternal Sunshine it?

Interviewer: If only. Any plans for Season 40?

Setmeravelles: If Omicron and weather permit, I’ll be doing a Lake Michigan tour with my boyfriend the week after Christmas. If Covid permits, the Camino Aragonés in May. I’m not taking the risk of buying a plane ticket just yet. I had plane anxiety BEFORE covid so…just taking advantage of having a car.

Interviewer: I understand you took a few trips that you haven’t had time to write up yet.

Setmeravelles: Yes! I went to Sioux Falls in October with a pitstop in the Loess Hills for a hiking trip. It was a great weekend away. Over Thanksgiving I explored Lawrence, Kansas.

Interviewer: Sounds great! And you never did get around to posting Door County.

Setmeravelles: I know. I don’t have time for anything with the Ph.D, but holidays are here! 

Interviewer: Other than the MI trip, any other spoilers?

Setmeravelles: The writers are keeping spoilers locked up tight, but I am considering options.

Interviewer: Sounds very interesting. We won’t keep you longer, but happy 40th!

Setmeravelles: Gràcies. 


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