¿Y el futuro?

It’s been a hard year for everyone. Ha sido un año duro para todos. 

I’ve been unemployed since graduating with my M.A. in Spanish Literature, uneligible for unemployment benefits as my university considered me a “student”, not an employee, despite paying taxes on the pitiful stipend I was paid. He estado desempleado desde graduarme del programa del máster en Literatura española, y no puedo recibir nada de las ayudas del paro porque la universidad me consideró un “estudiante” y no “empleado”, aunque pagué bastante en impuestos del poco dinero que ganaba.

I was accepted into a teaching certification program in Colorado that I deferred because of Covid. I’m not sure I can actually afford it at this point. Me aceptaron un programa de certificación de enseñanza en Colorado, pero lo aplacé por Covid. No sé si puedo permitirlo económicamente ahora. 

I’m applying to seven Ph.D programs in Spanish Literature, including Durham in the UK, McGill and Toronto in Canada, and Virginia, Washington, Nebraska and Penn State in the US. Solicito a siete programas del doctorado en literatura y cultura española, que incluye Durham en Inglaterra, McGill y Toronto en Canadá y Virginia, Washington, Nebraska y Penn State en los EE.UU. 

However, everyone is talking about how  grim the job outlook for Ph.D in the humanities, so I am having doubts about it. I don’t even know my chances at being admitted after being shut out of every program I applied to last year. No obstante, todos me dicen que hay pocas oportunidades de trabajo para los doctorados en las humanidades, y tengo muchas dudas. Tampoco sé si me van a admitir después del fracaso del año pasado. 

I would love to return to live in Spain post-Covid, but now I have a boyfriend and I’m not sure I can leave him behind. If I am accepted into a Ph.D program, I’ll have to leave here, which has become home. However, Illinois really doesn’t have any jobs for me. Me encantaría volver a vivir en España después de Covid, pero ahora tengo un novio y no sé si puedo estar separado de él. Si me admiten a un programa de doctorado, tendré que marcharme de aquí, un sitio que ya se ha convertido a mi casa. No obstante, Illinois tiene pocas posibilidades de trabajo para mi. 

I feel so lost right now, and I don’t know what’s going to happen. Granted, none of us do. Me siento tan perdido ahora mismo, y no sé que va a pasar (aunque nadie sabe lo porvenir…)


9 thoughts on “¿Y el futuro?

  1. So many questions right now. I hope your path becomes clearer as time moves forward. I know your focus is on Spanish Literature and Film…and you are obviously an excellent writer, both in Spanish and English…have you considered doing some translation work?

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    • Thank you for your supportive comment! I have thought about translation, but I am extremely lost at how to get started or get my foot in the door. Translation would be a great career.


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    • Unfortunately, he’s tied to his job and as he’s been so lucky with it during the pandemic he said he won’t ever leave it (he’s been remote since March and has job security so he doesn’t want to risk that.) He’s about to buy a house here too.


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