Post Covid daydreaming.

As someone who is potentially at-risk for more complicated effects from COVID-19 due to my family’s medical history, I’ve been staying at home since March, daydreaming of future travels. I had to cancel a Camino I had planned for May (Camino Aragonés), and my boyfriend and I had planned a road trip through Door County in Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, through Ontario down to Muskoka, Toronto and Niagara Falls. Como una persona que podría sufrir más de los efectos de COVID 19 dado la historia médica de mi familia, he estado en casa desde marzo, soñando con viajar en el futuro. Tenía que aplazar un Camino que había planificado para mayo (el Camino Aragonés), y mi chico y yo habíamos planificado un viaje de carretera por el Condado Door en Wisconsin, la Península Superior de Michigan, Ontario hasta Muskoka, Toronto y las Cataratas de Niagara. 

None of that happened, of course, but we have postponed the plans and not cancelled them.  Desde luego, no pude hacer nada de eso, pero es solo un aplazamiento de los planes y no he cancelado nada. 

I’m planning on the Camino next May (but may postpone it again). Estoy pensando en hacer el Camino en mayo (pero claro, puede ser aplazado otra vez.) 

What else have I been daydreaming about besides those postponed holidays? ¿Qué más sueños tengo además de mis vacaciones aplazadas?

-Scandinavia, Canada and Alaska/Escandinavia, Canadá y Alaska
-A return to Italy and Greece/Un regreso a Italia y Grecia
-Road trips in general/Viajes por carretera en general
-The Spanish restaurant Café Ibérico (now Ibérico Express during the Covid-19 pandemic) in Chicago/El resturante Café Ibérico (ahora Ibérico Express durante la pandemia de Covid-19)
-New England/Nueva Inglaterra
-Argentina, Chile, Perú and Ecuador/Argentina, Chile, Perú y Ecuador
-Any and every hiking excursion you can imagine./Cualquier excursión de senderismo
-A move back to Spain./Una mudanza a España

Until then, we all need to do our part by wearing masks, staying at home when possible and respecting each other instead of having Karen meltdowns because a business asked you to wear a mask to protect everyone, including yourself. Let’s get through this sooner than later. We all know how bad the United States has handled this, and places like Spain which once had it somewhat under control are now facing another quarantine due to people getting lazy. Hasta entonces, todos tenemos que hacer nuestra parte y llevar mascarillas, quedarnos en casa cuando posible y respetar a los demás en lugar de perder los papeles porque un negocio te pide llevar una mascarilla para proteger a todos, incluso a ti mismo. Acabemos la pandemia cuanto antes. Todos sabemos que los EE.UU es un desastre ahora, y lugares como España que casi lo tenía controlado tienen que enfrentarlo de nuevo porque la gente se pone vaga. 

Where are your post Covid daydreams? ¿Cuales son tus sueños para después de Covid?


2 thoughts on “Post Covid daydreaming.

  1. There’s definitely something about forced downtime that lends itself to dreaming about the future (and, if possible, laying foundations underneath those dreams, to make them possible when circumstances permit).

    In my case, first and foremost, those dreams have included:

    — Working as a high school teacher again
    — Or, short of that, working as a substitute teacher
    — Moving out of my parents’ house.

    While I’ve decided that the third item on that list probably isn’t the right decision at this time, I have taken steps towards making the first two a reality.

    Beyond this, I aspire to travel too, though some of my dreams are more concrete than others. Next year, there’s a conference I might attend in Edmonton (unless it’s cancelled) and another in Toronto (ditto). I’d certainly like to see more of the USA, and revisit some of my previous American destinations for a deeper exploration.

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    • I’ll be in Canada for the next non Spain trip. I wish you the best of luck on the applications. I’ve seen teaching in Ontario is very competitive, but that might just be for the southern area (the Toronto-Windsor corridor).


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