Traveling to the Northern Lights via Netflix.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, I was forced to cancel my summer travel plans to Spain and Canada, which means I have to rely on Netflix, FlixOlé, Amazon Prime and my boyfriend’s HBO Max and Disney Plus to travel. Debido a la situación actual con Covid-19, tenía que aplazar mis planes de viajar este verano a España y Canadá, lo cual significa que tengo que utilizar Netflix, FlixOlé, Amazon Prime, y el HBO Max y Disney Plus que mi chico tiene, para viajar. 

Recently I went to see the Northern Lights in two films. Durante la última semana vi las auroras boreales en dos películas. 

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga was surprisingly entertaining. I’m not a Will Farrell fan in the least, but this film was fun and honoured the spectacle that is Eurovision. It details the sordid lives of two Icelandic friends (or more than friends?) whose life dream is to compete in the Eurovision contest. Due to a boat explosion, they are suddenly the only eligible contestants from Iceland and they must travel to Edinburgh (another place high on my bucket list) to represent Iceland. Eurovision Song Contest: La Historia de Fire Saga me sorpendió bastante porque estaba entretenida. No me cae bien Will Farrell para nada, pero esta película es divertida y un homenaje de Eurovision. Detalla las vidas sordidas de dos amigos (o más que amigos?) islandeses que sueñan con tomar parte en la competición de Eurovisión. Después de una explosión, de repente son los únicos concursantes de Islandia y tienen que viajar a Edinburgo (otro lugar adonde quiero viajar mucho) para representar a Islandia. 

On a more serious note, I finally saw a movie that has been in my Netflix queue for four years, Le voyage au Groenland (Journey to Greenland) It’s a French 2015 film about two friends who visit one’s father who lives in Greenland. The movie was kinda “meh”, but the landscapes of Greenland, a place I would love to travel to some day, were beautiful. Luego vi una película más serie que ha ocupado mi lista de Netflix desde hace cuatro años, Le voyage au Groenland (Viaje a Groenlandia). Es una película francesa de 2015 que trata de dos colegas quien visita al padre de uno que reside en Groenlandia. La película fue regular, pero los paisajes de Groenlandia, un sitio adonde me encantaría viajar en el futuro, eran preciosos. 

Any places you’re traveling to through the movies this summer? ¿Estás viajando a algun sitio a través del cine este verano? 



2 thoughts on “Traveling to the Northern Lights via Netflix.

  1. The Eurovision movie really made me want to visit Iceland — and, to a lesser extent, Edinburgh.

    Recently watching “Everything Is Illuminated” took me to Odessa, and the backroads of the Ukraine. It looks like a lovely place.

    On a much more somber note, I just watched “Schindler’s List” two or three weeks ago, and it’s made me think that if I ever were to visit central Europe, I should do a tour of the remains of Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau. It’s the site of unfathomable horror, and I don’t expect it would be a comforting or comfortable visit, but sometimes, one must to confront such things.

    I’ll keep that Greenland movie in mind. I remember some nice footage of both Greenland and Iceland from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

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