Pride in Spain.

Although I’m usually not much of a Pride goer, this year I happened to find myself at two “Orgullos” in Spain with two very different experiences. Aunque no soy uno que suele ir a las manifestaciones de Orgullo, este año me encontré en dos Orgullos españoles con dos experiencias muy distintas. 

Orgull in València was on June 25. I went with Samarucs, the LGBT+ sports club and was on their float, hiding in the middle. The atmosphere was great, and for once in my life, I understood what acceptance felt like. There was a spirit of inclusiveness, and everyone was in a great mood. There were lots of people, but it wasn’t overly crowded. People of all ages and walks of life came together to celebrate Orgull (Pride in Valenciano). I went home with a feeling of happiness and belonging. Orgull en València era el 25 de junio. Fui con Samarucs, el club deportivo LGBT+ de Valencia y fui en su carroza, aunque me escondí en el centro. El ambiente estuvo genial, y por una vez en mi vida, entendí como era ser aceptado. Había un espíritu de inclusión y todos estaban de buen humor. Había mucha gente, pero no había demasiada. Todo el mundo se juntó para celebrar Orgull (Orgullo en valenciano). Volví a casa con un sentimiento de felicidad y ser aceptado. 

The next week was WorldPride in Madrid, and I happened to be passing through at the same time. It was a total coincidence. It was the complete opposite feeling of Valencia’s Orgull. People were gawking at the LGBT+ community as if we were animals in a zoo. On top of that, there were too many tourists and too much attitude from people. Unless you were a Greek adonis, forget about anyone wanting to talk to you. It truly represented the worst of the gay community in my opinion. La semana siguiente era WorldPride en Madrid, y coincidí con un viaje que tenía que hacer por la capital. Me dio una sensación contraria a la sensación después de Orgull València. La gente estaba mirando boquiabierto a la comunidad LGBT+ como si fuéramos animales en un zoo. Para colmo, había demasiadas turistas y mucha actitud de la gente. Si no eras un adonis griego, todo el mundo pasaba de ti. En mi opinión, representó el peor de la comunidad LGBT+. 

I would have pictures, but I am having a lot of problems (yes, I am aware of them!) with photo hosting. If anyone has any ideas that work with WordPress.Com, I am open to them. Me gustaría subir las fotos pero hay bastantes problemas (sí, ya me he enterado de ellos) con fotos en este momento. Si alguien tiene una idea de sitios de photohosting que funciona con, me gustaría saberla. 


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  1. Pride takes place over different weekends here in Colorado. Denver’s was two weeks ago, while Colorado Springs was this weekend, although we were on the road. In Chicago, where our daughter is, they have Pride and then two weeks later a separate parade. They seem to be genuinely inclusive.

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  2. Before uploading the photos in use a program called irfanview. with the function “batch” it will minimize the photos size considerable, but the aspect ratio will be almost the same.


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