Teruel to Albarracín


The day had finally arrived for my escape from Fallas. I caught a BlaBlaCar from Valencia to the capital city Teruel, population 35, 675.  I arrived to Spain’s smallest provincial capital city around 9:30 and left my luggage at the bus station so I could explore the town without a big pack and computer case. El día, por fin, ha llegado para mi escape de Las Fallas. Cogí un BlaBlaCar desde València a la capital de la provincia de Teruel, población 36.675. Llegué a la capital provincial más pequeña de España sobre las 9.30 y dejé el equipaje en la estación de autobuses para poder explorar la ciudad sin una mochila grande y bolsa de portátil. 

I had been to Teruel before in 2011, and I have been wanting a return visit ever since. I had a coffee at the bar inside the tower across from the bus station before setting off to re-explore. Ya había estado en Teruel una vez  antes, en 2011, y he querido volver desde entonces. Me tomé un café en el bar dentro del torre enfrente de la estación antes de empezar a explorar la ciudad una vez más. 


I had already visited a few of the museums on the first trip, so this visit was just to walk around the city and enjoy the atmosphere. The town is home of Mudéjar architecture, and I climbed up one of the towers, el Torre de El Salvador. It gave excellent vantage points of the city and surrounding countryside. Ya había visitado muchos de los museos en mi primer viaje, y esta visita era para pasear la ciudad y disfrutar su ambiente. Es el hogar de la arquitectura Mudéjar. Subí uno de los torres, el Torre de El Salvador. Dio vistas excelentes de la ciudad y el paisaje próximo. 


I also visited the most famous statue of the city, El Torico. I loved the little bull. También visité la estatua más famosa de la ciudad, El Torico. Me encanta el toro pequeño. 


I was surprised and happy I double-checked the bus timetable when I left my baggage, as the bus left at 14:10, not 15:30 as stated on the internet. Remember, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet! I had a quick bocadillo de chorizo before taking off to Albarracín. Me sorprendí cuando comprobé el horario de autobús cuando dejé el equipaje, como el autobús salió a las 14.10 y no a las 15.30 como dice en internet. Recuerda, no se puede creer todo que pone en internet. Comí un bocadillo de chorizo en la estación antes de coger el autobus a Albarracín. 


The bus was more a large van, and it was pretty full. It also served as school transport between the school on the outskirts of Albarracín and the village. El autobús es mejor dicho un furgoneta grande, y estaba casí completo. También sirve como el transporte escolar entre la escuela en las afueras de Albarracín y el pueblo. 


Albarracín, population 1010, is a beautiful medieval village in the Sierra de Albarracín located on the Guadalaviar River. It has been a Monumento Nacional since 1961. I arrived about 15:00 and found my pensión, no thanks to Google Maps which was confusing. Again, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Albarracín, población 1010, es un pueblo medieval precioso en la Sierra de Albarracín situado en el Río Guadalaviar. Ha sido un Monumento Nacional desde 1961. Llegué sobre las 15.00 y encontré mi pensión. Google Maps no sirvió nada de ayuda y solo me confundió. Otra vez más, no se puede creer todo que hay en internet. 


I checked in and left my stuff behind and went exploring the town. I found myself on a trail that led out to a hermitage not too far from the pueblo that provided spectacular views of the village and surrounding mountains. Hice check-in y dejé mis cosas en la pensión y fui a explorar. Me encontré en un sendero que fue hasta una ermita cerca al pueblo. Había vistas espectaculares del pueblo y el monte. 


I retraced my steps and then went to the top of hill that had the city walls and walked along them for a short while. I found myself in the village shortly after, stopping at the tourism office to double check the time the one bus left in the morning (8.55, and it was on time too, spoiler alert). I had a quick coffee and walked along the Fluvial Trail next to the Guadalaviar. Volví y después subí el monte que tenía las murallas de la ciudad. Caminé a lado de ellas un rato y después me encontré en el pueblo. Verifiqué el horario del único autobús (8.55, y llegó puntual, aviso de espoiler) 


The cathedral and castle were closed, but I did go up to the castle to see what ruins I could. The streets are beautifully preserved and cobblestone. La catedral y el castillo estaban cerrados, pero subí las ruinas del castillo. Las calles son buen preservados y adoquinadas. 


It was hard to find a cheap place for dinner that was open on a Wednesday in March that was a workday for 95% of Spain, so I splurged a bit. I got a good night’s sleep and left the next morning at 8.55. I arrived back in Teruel and had time to go to the meeting point for my next BlaBlaCar that would take me to Zaragoza where a bus for my next destination was awaiting me. Era algo difícil encontrar un sitio barato para cenar cuando era un miércoles de marzo y la mayoría de la península tenían que trabajar. Entonces, me traté a una cena un poco más cara que normal. Me dormí bien y cogí el autobus a las 8.55. Llegué a Teruel y me dio tiempo para llegar al punto de encuentro del BlaBlaCar que me llevó a Zaragoza donde tenía que coger un autobús al próximo destino. Jueves es el día del mercadillo de Teruel. 


I have visited a ton of beautiful places in Spain. Albarracín is by far one of the most spectacular I have had the opportunity to see. He visto muchos sitios preciosos en España. Albarracín es uno de los más espectulares e impresionantes que he tenido la oportunidad ver.


Hike/Ruta: #7/40 of 2017
Date/Fecha: 15-marzo-2016
Kilometres hiked: 5
Mountain/Route: Albarracín
Difficulty: Easy, a bit steep at times




12 thoughts on “Teruel to Albarracín

  1. Regarding about how you can’t trust Google maps or timetable information on the internet…

    I remember when we went to Crete a few years ago and Booking.com gave the wrong address for our hotel on their map… we ended up traipsing a good 10 km from Heraklion in the midday heat along an empty road, carrying our backpacks and there wasn’t a soul around to ask for directions. The kids were whining and my husband was beginning to take the view that the place simply didn’t exist and we were the victims of a scam. Eventually I found an office where there were two people discussing something, they were clearly not open to the public but I charged in and demanded in my very rudimental Greek that they phone my hotel for me (the hotel proprietor couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t understand her over the phone) and then tell me how to get there, and QUICK please because the battery is about to die! 🙂

    The beauty of being independent travellers. I would not change my style of travel for anything and I suspect neither would you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I definitely wouldn’t. I enjoyed your story. In Greece, I had to use printed out directions but they were at least accurate. I couldn’t imagine 10 KM with all my stuff. It’s one of those stories that at the time was very stressful, but now you can laugh about it. I’m glad you got to your hotel eventually…darn that Google Maps 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve never tried Raki (I had to google it), but I was excited you got free stuff! I spoke kalimera, kalinikta (sp), kalisfera (sp) and at the time could say “Do you speak English” but have since forgot! If they had free ouzo, well, one glass of that and I’m in trouble 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Greece is a great country but their food and drink is not my thing… 🙂 But yeah… if you learn enough Greek to be able to order food in a restaurant or ask directions in the streets, it will repay the effort and not just because of free drinks. People really go out of their way to engage with you.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Cape Sounion yes…one of the best sunsets ever (or suntime as they call it in their translation). Delphi I wanted to go to but was too tired my last day so I didn’t, and I regret it! I’ve been to Athens and Napfoli.


  2. Hi there, I am planning to go Albarracín from Teruel. A few questions: Is it really true only one bus from Teruel per day to Albarracín? Where do you buy the bus ticket online in advance? I tried to google and could not find it. Is there any BlaBlaCar that leaves morning in Teruel and late afternoon from Albarracín back to Teruel? Appreciate your reply.

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    • Yes, it’s true there is only one bus, so you would have to spend a night in Albarracín. You can only buy the ticket on the bus. No worries about them selling out. You have to check BlaBlaCar as their cars change daily. You might get lucky!


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