Real Neat Blog Award.

Thank you and gracias to Fede for the nomination for a Real Neat Blog.


The Rules:

1. Post the Award logo and answer the questions asked by the person who nominated you.
2. Thank the person who nominated you in your post and link to their blog.
3. Nominate and link to some bloggers you’d like to see respond.
4. Create 7 questions for your nominees to answer & let them know they are nominated in a comment on their blog.

My answers:

1. What is/are your hobbies besides running a blog? I like reading, writing, travelling, hiking, Spanish cinema, Body Combat, and cinema.

2. What is the thing that you would like to buy/have the most in your life? I would like to buy a world travel ticket always open to travel the world. I would most like to have job stability in Spain, a quality boyfriend and two golden retrievers.

3. What is the thing you treasure the most in your life? My travel experiences. A tangible thing would be my laptop, as helps me to keep in touch with friends and such. (I have a mobile, but I hate it and only use it for Whatsapp.)

4. What is the biggest achievement you had so far? Moving to Spain and having been able to stay living here for eight-going-on-nine-years now.

5. What is your favourite season? Explain why. Autumn, as I love the changing of the trees and the sense of renewal (I’m a teacher so) of a fresh school year. There is just something in the air during autumn.

6. What is your favourite cuisine?  My favourite is Iberian food, specifically Valencian paella. Paella valenciana is chicken and sometimes rabbit. I can’t do seafood.

7. What is the language you would like to speak the most? I already have a B1 in Catalán, but I want to be completely fluent in it. For me, it’s the most beautiful language. A language that I am 100% not fluent in that I would like to learn is Greek.

I nominate the following. Feel free to participate or not.

Begin with a Single Step
The Single and Queer Project


1. What is the first place you remember travelling to?
2. What has been the best place you have travelled to thus far in your life?
3. What is your dream vacation or holiday?
4. What is your most memorable hiking or outdoor experience?
5. What has been the worst hostel or hotel experience in your life?
6. What is one thing you hope happens in your personal life in 2017 (that you can share!)
7. Where is your dream home?


6 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award.

  1. Wow nice u have ab1 in catalan 😍 it is a very nice language and sounds a bit like my dialect ahahi hope u will be able to reach c1 then 😉 good luck with your life in Spain 😋

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