Post Camino.

I am back from the Camino del Norte Adventure of 2016. Ya he veulto desde la Aventura del Camino del Norte de 2016.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting my thoughts and feelings and experiences on the Camino del Norte. It’s a lot to process, especially at the same time I’m trying to get myself settled in to my new city, Valencia. Durante las semanas que viene, voy a escribir aquí sobre mis pensamientos y sentimientos y experiencias del Camino del Norte. Hay mucho que contemplar, y aún más cuando estoy intentando instalarme en mi ciudad nueva, València. 

I walked from Santander to La Isla in Asturias before having to quit a few days early due to a combined heatstroke/cold (it takes talent). I am ready to go back to the Camino. I feel I grew as a person and learned a lot about myself and the world while walking those 150ish kilometres. Caminé desde Santander hasta La Isla en Asturias antes de tener que dejarlo unos días antes dado de una mezcla de insolación y resfriado. (Tengo talento ya os digo.) Ya estoy listo para volver al Camino. Me crecí como persona y aprendí mucho de mi mismo y el mundo mientras caminaba unos 150 kilometros. 

I can’t wait to my next stage. No puedo esperar hasta la próxima etapa.

Look for entries to start appearing the first Monday (Labour Day for the Americans, Monday for the rest of the world) in September. Empezando el primer lunes de septiembre, ya podréis leer todo sobre mi experiencia. 

Until then, I was nominated again for the Liebster Award by The Slider, so here we go! Thanks, mate! I’m too busy to nominate anyone, but all the blogs I read are worthy fof it!



The Liebster award is online recognition by bloggers to new and up and coming bloggers. When nominated for this award, you answer 11 questions set by the ‘nominator’ and then you nominate 11 of your favourite new bloggers (with less than 200 followers – although I think one can be a little flexible on this) and ask them 11 questions.

My 11 questions

1. Who is your favourite musician/band? Mariah Carey and Brand New.

2. Have you ever been to sub Saharan Africa? Nope, but I would love to!

3. What is your culinary speciality? Fajitas. I’m a horrible cook. Cocino bastante mal.

4. What is your favourite film? Moulin Rouge

5. Is there a special place close to your heart in the world you have visited? The Camino, Asturias, Euskadi, Catalunya and Granada come to mind. The Roman Bridge in Cangas de Onis in Asturias is a favourite of mine.

6. Can you recommend a great place to visit in your city/town/village which not many people know about? Valencia is pretty touristy, but there are a ton of museums outside the Ciutat de les Arts i Ciencies that are usually free on Sundays. The Holy Grail is allegedly located in the Cathedral of Valencia, according to The Vatican. And there are so many beaches that you can easily avoid Malvarossa. L’Albufera and Xàtiva are nearby sites to visit.

7. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Beatles.

8. Is there a particular work of art (painting, sculpture, drawing, photograph, conceptual work or just any artefact) that is close to your heart? Not that I can think of. I connect more with words than art.

9. What was the first concert you attended? The Judds.

10. What is your favourite inspirational quote? No Day But Today.

11. When was the last time you cried? I think last week on the Camino I was overcome with emotion one day. I got over it 😛


What are the rules for the Liebster Award?

Once you accept a nomination, you are expected to complete the following steps:
– Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you
– Create a post on your blog, displaying the Liebster Award logo
– Answer the 11 questions assigned by the blogger who nominated you
– Provide rules/instructions for accepting the award
– Nominate 11 new favorite bloggers for the Liebster Award
– Come up with a list of 11 new questions for your nominees
– Notify the nominees
– Post your Liebster Award blog post link in the comments of your nominator’s Liebster Award Post


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