My last morning in Castro.

castro 1

I’ve been to Castro a few times before, and I wanted to go one last time before leaving the Bilbao area at the end of June. It’s an amazingly beautiful Cantabrian village (32,000 residentes so technically a city!) that doubles in size in the summer located closer to Bilbao than province capital Santander. He estado en Castro muchas veces antes, y quería ir una última vez antes de marcharme de Gran Bilbao al finales de junio. Es un pueblo precioso (32.000 habitantes, entonces ciudad) que doble en población en el verano. Está más cerca a Bilbao que la capital de la provincia, Santander.

Castro 3

It’s a half hour bus ride from Bilbao, and I went one Wednesday morning with a friend to go exploring. I’m glad I went with him, because he showed me a part of the town I had never seen before. Está a una media hora desde Bilbao, y fui un miércoles por la mañana con un amigo para explorar. Me alegro haber ido con él porque me enseñó una parte del pueblo que no había visto antes. 

Castro 5

We got off in the centre of town and went walking west. I saw part of it on my Camino last year. My friend took me past the beach to where there was an old Roman bridge and beautiful views of Castro. We climbed some stairs to follow the path along the cliffs. The Camino heads to the interior for a while, so I hadn’t seen this part before. Bajamos del autobús (hay uno cada media hora desde Bilbao) y caminamos hacía el oeste. Había visto un poco antes cuando hice el Camino el año pasado. Mi amigo me llevó por la playa hasta un puente romano y vistas bonitas de Castro. Subimos las escaleras para seguir una ruta por los acantilados. El Camino va por el interior, y por eso no había visto esta parte antes. 

Castro 2

The views were spectacular. I was impressed. We walked for a while, admiring the cliffs and the Cantabrian morning vistas before heading back to town. We stopped on the beach for a while and had a relaxing iced café con leche on a terrace overlooking the sea. Las vistas eran espectaculares e impresionantes. Caminamos un rato, mirando los acantilados y las vistas del Mar Cantábrico antes de volver al pueblo. Paramos en la playa un rato y tomamos un relaxing café con leche con hielo en una terraza por el mar. 

It was a great farewell to such a beautiful town.  Era una buena despedida a un pueblo precioso. 
Hike #11/40
Date: 8-junio-2016
Kilometres: 6-8 in total.
Location: Castro Urdiales, Cantabria

Castro 4




8 thoughts on “My last morning in Castro.

      • No problem 🙂 I’ve had a look at your blog and I really like it. You’ve got some excellent Spain related pieces and I am going to read more later. Spain is a fascinating and complex country. Tons of people visit Spain every year but I feel few really understand it and get under its skin like you have. I have travelled a lot in the former colonies in Latin America. Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia are my favourite hispanic countries but I would like to explore more of the mother country.

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      • Thanks for reading! I’ll look and read more at your blog soon (I’m about to fall asleep right now, and I want to have fresh eyes for it!). Spain is an amazing country, and it’s become my home, for better or for worse. I would love to spend a year travelling through Latin America, so I’m jealous of your travels there 🙂

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      • A lot of Latin America is very affordable. In much of Central America (bar Costa Rica), Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador you can get by on very little. Your accomodation will be your biggest cost. Eating in mercados publicos will cost you almost next to nothing. If you do ever decide to visit Latin America let me know, I can give you loads of recommendations and tips. I may pic your brain more on Spain if I ever revisit in the future. I would very much like to visit the North and North west of the country; the Basque county, Asturias, Galicia etc

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      • I’ve lived in Bilbao for 3 years, moving this weekend, but I can tell you pretty much everything there is to know about the Basques. The north is the most beautiful part of the country, but it has the same climate as the British Isles. The few days of sun are absolutely spectacular though!

        I will definitely let you know when I go to Latin America. It’s just a bit far away from Spain 🙂

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