The 34th Anniversary Post.

It’s been a tradition to write a post on Facebook or my old Livejournal where I interview myself as if I were a headwriter of a show about plans for the upcoming season. So as today is my 34th birthday, and I’ve taken off to Valencia to celebrate the event in style, I think I’m going to carry on the tradition. Read ahead. (Warning, there are travel spoilers!)

The Pablo Show has just been renewed for it’s 34th season, and as usual, we set down with Pablo to discuss the past year and hope he gives us some spoilers for the year to come.

SetMeravelles: Bona nit.
Pablo: Bona nit!

SetMeravelles: We always like to begin these interviews with reviewing the prior season’s success stories. The 33rd Season took us to Belgium, Italia (Tuscany and Cinque Terre) and several days on the Camino de Santiago del Norte. Enhorabona y zorionak.
Pablo: Moltes gràcies and ez horregatik.

SetMeravelles: You also participated in a week at VaughanTown and travelled to Burgos, Ávila, Salamanca and León, plus Cantabria a few times, and Santo Domingo de la Calazada in La Rioja. Is there a rincón of Spain you haven’t seen yet?
Pablo: There are quite a few. Every day I find out about some new place I want to go to or visit. I am hoping to make it to Huesca and Albacete very soon, plus I have a February trip planned to Andalucía. If I can pick up Albacete on that trip…perfect.

SetMeravelles: And the other provinces?
Pablo: I would’ve gone to Zamora when I was in León or Salamanca, but I just didn’t make it due to money or being sick issues. . Whenever I arrive to Santiago, I’ll take advantage of crossing off the two Galician provinces plus Zamora off my list. And then Tenerife. Maybe I’ll just run away to the Canary Islands when the Basque rain picks up.

SetMeravelles: Congrats on surviving those three months straight of rain. And then another two months after that break of four days. It even rained on you in Pisa.
Pablo: I swear to God, if the Basque rain is that bad this winter, I’ll marry the first Catalan or Valenciano I find and live on the Mediterranean forever. In fact, even if it isn’t that bad this year, I want to do that!

SetMeravelles: What is up about the casting of the boyfriend for you?
Pablo: I like to think that I’m a good catch. I’m an Aubrey Hepburn in a sea of Kardashians. So it’s going to take a special someone to catch my eye, first of all. Then it’ll take a special someone to understand me with all my tics. I mean…it will take a great guy, and it’s hard for introverts to meet people.

SetMeravelles: While you tend to work on personal goals for New Year’s, your travel goals are often set on your birthday. You mentioned Andalucía and hopefully Huesca and Albacete…where else?
Pablo: I would love to go to Austria/Czech Republic/Slovakia or Germany for Semana Santa and spend a few days in Barcelona too. We’ll see what works out soon.

SetMeravelles: Awesome. We also saw you switch schools this year, and the new school seems to be a better fit. Any other career plans?
Pablo: The 33rd season saw my attempts to get my novel published. I’m stacking up the rejections. I am also looking for a new job in either Valencia or Barcelona. I have yet to decide if I’m going to throw caution to the wind and apply for Illes Baleares for my backup, or stick with the devil I know and stay in Bilbao, Capital del Mundo.

SetMeravelles: You just think you’re going to get more blog hits the more you type Bilbao, Capital del Mundo.
Pablo: Bilbo munduko hiriburua da.

SetMeravelles: The 33rd season also saw some continued struggles with depression and anxiety, which although painful, we feel you’re starting to get a grasp on how to cope poco a poco.
Pablo: It’s something you just take day by day tío.

SetMeravelles: Ok, good advice.
Pablo: I am going to continue hiking, which really helps me find my ZEN, and I hope to finish the Camino de Santiago, or at least arrive to Oviedo if not Galicia. Maybe take up yoga, get back to the gym, continue trying (and hopefully not failing) with meditation. That sort of stuff, you know?

SetMeravelles: Exactly. And good luck with the writing venture and your continued quest to find happiness, love and a decent job in the greatest peninsula in the world.
Pablo: I’m in València. You can say Spain today.

SetMeravelles: *looking around* Viva España.
Pablo: And Gora Euskadi and Visca Catalunya too.

Setmeravelles: Gracias, gràcies/merci, eskerrik asko, graças…that’s gallego, right?
Pablo: I think so.

Here’s to the best year ever.


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