It’s the 33rd Season of my show!

It’s been a tradition to write a post on Facebook or my old Livejournal where I interview myself as if I were a headwriter of a show about plans for the upcoming season. So as today is my 33rd birthday, and I’ve taken off to Barcelona to celebrate the event in style, I think I’m going to carry on the tradition. Read ahead. (Warning, there are travel spoilers!)

SetMeravelles: So today starts the 33rd season of the Pablo show. Let’s look at the successes of the 32 season first.
Me: I’m okay with that!

SetMeravelles: You started me, this travel (and soon to be and film) blog, so zorionak and enhorabuena on that.
Me: Eskerrik asko, moltes gràcies!

SetMeravelles: Two days on the Camino of Santiago, you finally went snowboarding, despite that nasty sprained ankle, and trips to Ireland, Barcelona and Valencia along with a lot of daytrips around and close to the Basque Country like Cantabria, Logroño, Haro, Pamplona, Bergara, Gernika, Bermeo, Hondarribia, Donostia, Mundaka, Zeanuri, Areatza and Urdaibai, among others…and you’ve done a lot of hiking around the Greater Bilbao area. Anything on the agenda for the 33rd Season?
Me: Yes, a trip to the States for Christmas (and perhaps a coming out to the mother, I mean, we’ve tried for several seasons so I hope this season it gets taken care of) and another trip to Belgium in February. I’m looking at a German-Czech-Austrian Semana Santa, but that has yet to be seen.

SetMeravelles: Sounds exciting!
Me: And more of the Camino of Santiago. It’s something I gotta finish, ya know’

SetMeravelles: Totally, it’s one of the set meravelles of Spain!
Me: Stop the self-promotion!

SetMeravelles: Sorry. This season had a sprained ankle and a nasty bout with depression and anxiety.
Me: It’s like the writers of the last four seasons of Gossip Girl took over my life! I’m looking at the changes needed in my life. As much as I love Bilbao and the Basque Country, I’m not so sure it’s my forever home. I’m still struggling to meet people and make friends, ya know? I definitely forsee a change of location this upcoming season, whether it just be a new flat, a new city or even a new autonomous community. It’ll depend on where the jobs send me. I’d love to be a full-time writer in the Països Catalans, for example. But another year in Euskadi has not been ruled out yet.

SetMeravelles: Sounds interesting. Again, we feel like Entertainment Weekly talking to the writers of Will and Grace, but are you going to cast a boyfriend for Pablo anytime soon?
Me: (sighing) I really hope so. We’re sorry about that breakup of that not exactly divulged boyfriend we were in talks with last season. Things just didn’t work out. We’ll see what can be done. I think we’ve seen enough of the Pablo finding himself plots. He knows he likes writing, likes Catalán and Spanish, is sick of the rain, etc etc etc…how would he work as a boyfriend? We see potential in this storyline, and we hope to cast someone in the role very soon. I sound like a broken record though.

SetMeravelles: We know. Now that snowboarding has been tackled, will we get to see some surfing this year?
Me: I hope so! Surfing was so much fun in season 19, it’d be a shame not to take advantage of the Basque waves, ya know? We’re also looking at a yoga storyline and a return to the Body Combat storylines that were so popular in seasons 29-31. We got away from that in season 32, and I think the show suffered from that. P.’s a warrior, that one. We hope to have him back in Catalán for a B2 certificate.

SetMeravelles: Sounds great! Season 32 wasn’t so great, but I think great things are ahead in season 33. I hope some cooking classes.
Me: Cállate la boca ya.

SetMeravelles: Sorry again. You’re a bit testy.
Me. I know, I know, ya lo sé.

SetMeravelles: Well, thanks for chatting anyway! We look forward to everything Season 33 has to offer.
Me: It can only go up from here, right?



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